Welcome to Sasuga Translations, Anon!


I’m a typical student who just decided that I wanted to give back to the light novel/web novel translation community by doing some translations of my own. I’m planning to translate Tower of Karma, beginning from the first chapter.

Note: My level of Japanese is only beginner-level. All I have for experience is around ~5 months of learning. Because of this, don’t expect me to do all that great.


Chapter 1: The Paradise Within Hell

The world is not equal.

Some people can casually sip on wine, whilst others drink on muddy water. If one person wears warm fur, that means many others will have to dress in dirty rags.

There is no happiness in this world.

The moment people are born, they are given different classifications. There are those who are born rich, poor, as the children of nobles, as the children of farmers, and as the children of slaves.

This world is cruel.

Someone’s happiness is another’s sorrow. Resources are limited, so people must fight and steal for them. To live is to party on top of others’ corpses. People fall into madness.

They eat, rape, and kill.

This world is hell.

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